Company Profile
Fujian Foody New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in April 2017, located in Jinjiang, Fujian, China. It is the first ES composite staple fiber (PE/PET) manufacturer in Quanzhou Area, specializing in the production of disposable sanitary materials----Air Through Non-woven Fabric, especially in surface layer and bottom layer. The main products include 0.5D~2.5D (Full dull/Semi-dull) hydrophilic fiber, and 0.5D~2.5D (Full-dull/Semi-dull) hydrophobic fiber.
Corporate Vision:

Corporate Vision:

Become the world's most trusted intelligent manufacturer of high-end ES fiber.

Corporate Mission:

Let everyone in the world enjoy a better life by ES fiber.

Corporate Values:

【Customer Dimension】The Customer First.
【Enterprise Dimension】Integrity, Winwin, Respect,
Responsibility, Passion, Efficiency.
【Employee Dimension】Striver oriented, create the  striving spirit for the world first.

Business Development Process

2017 Foody New Materials Company was established

In May 2021, a wholly-owned subsidiary, Foody ((Shishi) New Materials Tech Co., Ltd., was established in Shishi City.




Foody Fiber has advanced production equipment with an annual output of 80,000 tons of ES composite staple fiber. It has leading production technology, strict production technical and quality management system, self-built all-chain QC laboratory, full set fiber testing equipment, small carding machine and the non-woven fabric testing equipment, establish a comprehensive QC system from the staple fiber to non-woven fabric.

an annual output of 80,000 tons
Leading Technology
Full Chain QC
Perfect System
4 advanced fully automated complete sets of ES composite staple fiber production equipment lines
all-chain QC laboratory

establish a comprehensive QC system from the staple fiber to non-woven fabric.



The development of bicomponent fiber example is an important means to achieve high fiber functionality. The carding process of ES fiber production is normal, the thermal bonding performance is good.



Staple bicomponent fiber is suitable for producing sanitary materials, thermal insulation, filtration materials and other products using the oven hot air penetration fiber web process.



The ES staple fibers sold by our company, with specifications of 0.8D-2.5D, are mainly used to produce hot air water-repellent and hydrophilic fibers, which are the raw materials for sanitary material

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